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BIONA Burn - Assists in Weight Management


100% pure Green coffee bean extract (GCB)


Studies have shown that chlorogenic acid present in Green coffee bean extract may slow down the absorption of fat and act as an agent that activates the metabolism of fat. Traditionally brewed coffee doesn't serve as a good source of chlorogenic acid as the roasting process removes a significant portion of the key chlorogenic acid component. So to get the maximum benefit from green coffee beans it is important to save it from roasting process. Biona Burn brings you this benefit by providing you 100% pure green coffee bean extract to help you achieve perfect body weight.

  • It has Chlorogenic acid. This acid helps in weight loss as it directs your liver to first burn the stored fats
  • It slows down the conversion of sugar into glucose; as a result there is less sugar in your blood
  • There is increased fat burning in the body
  • Prevents excess glucose from turning into fat
  • GCB extract is high in polyphenols and antioxidants
  • GCB extract reduces blood pressure
  • Improves glucose and insulin balance and increases satiety
  • Increases the lean mass to fat mass ratio

  • One to two tablets daily to be taken before food
  • Swallow with a glass of water
  • Not to be chewed
  • Do not exceed the recommended dosage
Bion Burn - Weight Management


Clinical evidence

Green Coffee Bean Extract (GCBE) is a revolutionary weight loss supplement. It is 100% natural and contains high amounts of chlorogenic acid which in turn is very effective in burning excess body fat...

Clinical evidence

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